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Team Arotop
The staff of arotop food & environment GmbH is composed of specialists with strong backgrounds in science, engineering, veterinary medicine and business management. That enables us to offer maximum benefits to our clients.
Analytical Research

A team of specialists in the fields of food chemistry, oecotrophology, chemistry, food technology and biology provides comprehensive consulting expertise for our clients. In this way, interrelated issues are approached in a cost-effective, interdisciplinary approach. Most importantly, this ensures our client optimum security in all aspects of food analysis.
Marketing Research

A team of experts in consumer goods marketing, statistics/mathematics and oecotrophology backed by many years of experience in sensory analysis and market research is responsible for concept development, organization and performance of sophisticated product tests and market research projects.
Development Research
Our professional product development team composed of experience food processing engineers and chemists develop innovations according to your specifications at our state-of-the-art technical centre.

All of our instructors are experts in their fields. Food chemists conduct courses in food law. Microbiologists cover essential aspects of food hygiene. Our Quality Management Officer (a state-certified food chemist) provides guidance on HAACP matters and the implementation of quality management systems. Statistics workshops are facilitated by experienced mathematicians. Oecotrophologists and biologists demonstrate methods of sensory analysis to seminar participants.

Irina Liptay-Reuter
Institutional administration:
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Our Managing Director is always available to provide advice and guidance.

Stefan Kollenda (state certified Food chemist)

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