Expert advice

Clarity in all legal issues about the production and marketing of food, animal feed and dietary supplements

European food law is complex, and the market does not forgive errors. It’s good to have a partner in this environment who can help out when you are in doubt with well-informed and experienced analysis as well as advice. We coordinate all necessary steps from sample taking to finished test report – rapidly, discreetly and reliably. We can analyse your products in our accredited laboratory without circumvention in all issues relating to declaration and marketability. We will then interpret your results for you – coherently and comprehensibly. You can quickly institute effective measures. We will also be happy to create perfect declaration testing in accordance with European and German food law provisions.

We will be glad to help.


We support you with expertise and analysis from idea to marketable product. We are also your partner in fulfilling legal requirements.
We will of course help you when in doubt with second opinions and scientific analysis.

You are safe with our advice about labelling and declarations, e.g. Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 (LMIV), Regulation (EC) 1926/2006 (Health Claims) etc. We thereby support you in fulfilling the various regulations and check what advertising message is best for you.

Legal assessment of analysis results in the food area – particularly for spices and meat – is our core expertise. We can help if you need a legal assessment relating to maximum residue levels, e.g. of pesticides or contaminants like heavy metals or mycotoxins or wish to determine the use by date of your product. If there is a need for action, we support you with sound solutions.

Genuine or false? We quickly establish clarity about this issue in our 1H-NMR lab. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology we reliably test the authenticity of mixtures and raw materials. We can also determine the origin of fruit juices and spices.

Services at a glance:

  • Advice about labelling and declarations, e.g. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 (LMIV), Regulation (EC) 1926/2006 (Health Claims) etc.
  • Assessment of analysis results from microbiology, nutritional value determination or trace analysis like pesticide residues or contaminants.
  • Authenticity tests and origin analysis on the basis of IH-NMR analysis to clear up food fraud

Dietary supplements

Regulations in the area of dietary supplements are strict and continuously changing. We will be glad to help. To help you we ensure that your products are marketable and do not
contain ingredients that are assessed as novel food or are subject to other restrictions. We advise you about declarations and can confirm by analytic procedures that declared ingredients are actually contained in the stated amounts. Advertising messages are of course important for your product’s success but here too only a little is allowed. We support you in using approved health claims.

Services at a glance:

  • Legal classification and assessment of dietary supplements pursuant to the Dietary Supplement, EU Labelling, Health Claims, Novel Food Regulation and much more besides.
  • Marketability and free sales certificates
  • Declarations and specifications tests

Pet food

We provide our expertise to you for quality assurance and development of pet food products. We support you with a variety of analytical tests and legal advice.

In our laboratory we detect analytical components like crude ash, fat, protein and moisture. We can also test your products for vitamin, mineral nutrients and trace elements. On the basis of the results we can assess the physiological nutritional quality of cat and dog food in accordance with the F.E.D.I.A.F* criteria. We naturally also offer you traditional declaration and specification tests in this area.

Services at a glance:

  • Declaration testing pursuant to Regulation (EC) 767/2009
  • Assessment of additives and physiological nutritional quality in accordance with the F.E.D.I.A.F*
  • Preparing and assessing analysis results, e.g. analytical components

*European Pet Food Industry Federation – Verband der Heimtiernahrungsindustrie

Hygiene/potable water/HACCP systems

We are an approved lab under the Drinking Water Regulation §15 Par. 4 Clause 2 and are notified in the Rhineland Palatinate regional list. In our lab we test whether your potable water fulfils the strict legal requirements on the protection of health, environment and line network. Our expert, accredited sample takers carry out potable water sample taking on site standard-compliant and bring your samples professionally into the lab.

We can also help with issues of food hygiene. We support you on the basis of HACCP concepts in risk analysis and assessment as well as in implementing the necessary hygiene measures in your factory. Here you can find our current training package on this subject.

Services at a glance:

  • Potable water: One-stop-shop sample taking and testing
  • Approved laboratory of the Rhineland Palatinate regional list under the Drinking Water Regulation §15 Par. 4 Clause 2
  • Advice, training and seminars for factory hygiene management as well as HACCP concepts

Sylke Otto

Management expterise, Management – hygiene seminars

Expert opinion – order process


We introduced the arotop quality seal in 2012. Today consumers perceive it as a significant quality characteristic. Products that bear the arotop quality seal fulfil requirements over and above statutory standards. To ensure this we develop with your individual test criteria against which you can regularly measure yourself.

The arotop quality seal stands for:

  • Regular inspections by an independent, accredited testing institute
  • Expert assessments by registered food chemists and officially appointed and attested experts.
  • Declaration testing
  • Sensory tests in the accredited area
  • Microbiological and chemical analyses
  • Inspection of declared ingredients
  • Testing for the absence of contaminants and residues
  • Trail tests
The quality seal