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As a manufacturer you well know how varied the challenges in your daily business can be. Whether you are a small manufacturer or a large trading company – arotop food & environment GmbH is prepared for all situations and orders of magnitude. Using genuine case studies, you will learn here about the multifaceted ways we can support you with our know-how.

Reformulation for a leading manufacturer in the drinks industry

Reducing sugar in a soft drink

The reduction strategy of the federal ministry for food and agriculture The salt, sugar and fat content in finished productions should be reduced by 2025. But how to do this without abandoning the flavours we have become used to? This was the challenge facing leading drinks manufacturing which wanted to reduce the sugar content in its soft drink. They came to us for our expertise.
With the help of our arotop reformulation plan, our longstanding experience and the analytical background we managed to reduce the sugar by 15% and also achieve complete acceptance from consumers.


Reformulating a soft drink to reduce the sugar


Sensory expert test to show the various product characteristics combined with an acceptance test for consumers


Insight generation for a specific liking, formula optimisation recommendations for product development

Dr. Sonja Schwarz
Management sensor technology & market research

“By targeted formula optimisation we were able to reduce the sugar content of the drink by 15% with consistently high acceptance from consumers!”

Do you have similar challenges? Contact us – we will take time to handle your request and discuss the various possibilities. We look forward to working on your project!


We introduced the arotop quality seal in 2012. Today consumers perceive it as a significant quality characteristic. Products that bear the arotop quality seal fulfil requirements over and above statutory standards. To ensure this we develop with your individual test criteria against which you can regularly measure yourself.

The arotop quality seal stands for:

  • Regular inspections by an independent, accredited testing institute
  • Expert assessments by registered food chemists and officially appointed and attested experts.
  • Declaration testing
  • Sensory tests in the accredited area
  • Microbiological and chemical analyses
  • Inspection of declared ingredients
  • Testing for the absence of contaminants and residues
  • Trail tests
The quality seal