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Since 1990 arotop food & environment GmbH has been the tried and tested partner of the food industry. You can find our head office with five accredited specialist divisions, the associated arotop academy and our technical centre in Mainz. Outstandingly trained food chemists, microbiologists, chemists, oectrophologists, statisticians and marketing experts work here for your success. With a total of 60 employees we provide you with comprehensible, cogent answers to your analytical or sensory problems and provide you with expert support with advice on food law. We have bundled the core competencies of arotop into five cross-linked specialist divisions: Food and water analysis, sensory analysis and market research, food law, product development and further education. Our institute has been accredited since 1995. The accredited division covers physical-chemical, chemical, microbiological and sensory tests of food and animal feed. As well as the physical, physical-chemical and chemical testing of potable water, water and liquid waste. The sample taking of potable water, water and liquid waste and cooling water is also accredited.





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The beginnings of arotop go back to 1990. The food chemist and technical expert Dr Water Vösgen detected a growing demand for reliable analysis and advice in the food industry. On the basis of his longstanding experience in research, development and quality assurance he founded his own institute. This laid the foundation for arotop food & environment GmbH. To expand the portfolio in environmental analysis a merger was carried out in 2003 with KSM-Analytik and Gabelmann & Lerch-Analytik. Since 2014 the institute has been headed by Stefan Kollenda. Learn more about our milestones in the last three decades:

Founding of the company


First accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025


The company moves to Neubau in Mainz-Hechtsheim


Expansion into environmental analysis


Change of name to arotop food & environment GmbH


Annex of an office building, 70% expansion of the floor area


Jubilee event to celebrate 20 years since the company was founded


Approval of potable water laboratory in the Rhineland Palatinate


Implementation and registration of the arotop quality seal


25th anniversary


Renovation and installation of the 1H-NMR laboratory, expansion of analysis by authenticity and origin analyses


Implementation of the new arotop vision


Relaunch of the arotop homepage



Expert, experienced and glad to help.

arotop – we are not just well-grounded and motivated masterminds helping you with challenges relating to analysis, market research, expertise and advice. Each of us is a proven expert in his or her own field and makes a valuable contribution by sharing knowledge on the basis of years of experience. The team is looking forward to working with you!

Stefanie Gabriel

Project management – market research and sensory analysis

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Laura Schneider

Project management – market research and sensory analysis, product development

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Melanie Engel

Management – academy & sensory analysis seminar, project management market research

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We introduced the arotop quality seal in 2012. Today consumers perceive it as a significant quality characteristic. Products that bear the arotop quality seal fulfil requirements over and above statutory standards. To ensure this we develop with your individual test criteria against which you can regularly measure yourself.

The arotop quality seal stands for:

  • Regular inspections by an independent, accredited testing institute
  • Expert assessments by registered food chemists and officially appointed and attested experts.
  • Declaration testing
  • Sensory tests in the accredited area
  • Microbiological and chemical analyses
  • Inspection of declared ingredients
  • Testing for the absence of contaminants and residues
  • Trail tests
The quality seal


Excellently networked and established

arotop has excellent networks in the sector with a variety of cooperation agreements, partnerships and memberships. We share our opinion, expertise and knowledge on a variety of expert panels. We thus contribute to safely and successfully continuing to grow the German food industry to a higher level.

Lemgoer working group for meat and gourmet food [Lemgoer Arbeitskreis Fleisch und Feinkost, – LAFF)


arotop food & environment GmbH has been ISO/IEC 17025 accredited since 1995. Hence, we offer you the best possible safety accepted worldwide for products tested by us.
The accredited area covers physical-chemical, chemical, microbiological and sensory tests of food as well as physical, physical-chemical and chemical tests of potable water, water and liquid waste. Sample taking of potable water, water, liquid waste and coolants is also accredited.

With this accreditation we guarantee you:
• Objectivity and independence (third party)
• international validity (ILAC)
• Conformity assessment for reliability
• Comparability of results
• Reproducibility of results
• A high technical standard
• Competency of specialist staff
• Standard-compliant analysis and measuring methods

Gudrun Klotz

Quality Manager