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When chocolate melts in your mouth and mellow aromas lovingly embrace the taste buds, that means one thing above all to us: Science! In our market research and sensor technology division our scientists, statisticians or marketing experts detect and measure human perceptions and sensations while consuming food. This allows us to provide you with objective and reproducible facts to develop and improve truly favourite products. We thereby give your marketing statement a secure, scientific foundation.

We are happy to provide you with personal advice to select ideal methods and test procedures for your problem.

Dr. Sonja Schwarz

Management sensor technology & market research

Sensor technology market research

In sensory consumer tests we place your products, comparison products and the preferences of your target group on the test bench. Our experts provide you with helpful data, interpretations and recommended procedures. The more multifaceted your problems are the more flexible we are in obtaining scientifically based answers. Our newly formed kitchen lab and our DIN EN ISO 8589 equipped sensor technology lab offer an ideal context for this. We combine state of the art equipment with our experience from more than 20 years of sensory market research.

Services at a glance:

  • Sensory consumer tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11136 in an accredited lab.
  • Target group-specific recruitment
  • Standardised product preparation and storage
  • Assessment of data in the form of specific recommended procedures
  • Kitchen Lab with induction hobs, identical domestic ovens, microwaves, coffee machines, toasters, but also GV appliances like convection ovens, large fryers or stone ovens

We are happy to help!

Sensor technology

Our trained sensory researchers will help you understand your products and those of your competitors. With their expertise they describe the slightest individual perceptions and provide a detailed breakdown of complex product profiles

Our sensory technology department is DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited. The basic training of our employees under DIN EN ISO 8586 and consistent training according to a variety of DIN EN ISO standards enable us to carry out statistically valid comparison tests or complex profiling analyses. Our two sensor technology labs with a total of 22 testing places are equipped in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8589. They thereby offer an ideal environment for your tests – including under red lights.
We stand by you not only in development but also in crisis cases. We will provide an all-round sensory panel to you for rapid analysis. Customer-specific exclusive panels round off our portfolio.

Services at a glance:

  • Trained expert panels for sensory testing of food and consumer goods.
  • DIN-EN-ISO methods like profiling to generate spider webs or comparison tests like triangle tests
  • All-round or exclusive panels

We will be happy to answer your queries and advise you on all test possibilities.

Susanne Drabic

Management sensor technology

Ulrike Schreiber

Project manager sensor technology

Stefanie Gabriel

Project management – market research and sensor technology

Product development

Seeing your own product on a supermarket shelf for the first time is an awesome moment. Our arotop development experts are happy to help you generate huge success from your little product idea. We support you professionally on the path to marketable products. We help you make formulations industrial-suited. In doing this we ensure that the authenticity of your idea is preserved. We take time on your project and are only satisfied when you are.

Services at a glance:

  • Transformation of formulations for industrial productionÜbersetzung von Rezepturen für die industrielle Produktion
  • Advice and recommendations about current ingredients and trends.
  • Food law expertise
  • Sensory analysis
  • Claim finding for your marketing statements

Contact us – we will be excited about your project and happy to help.

Kristina Schlinger

Management market research, management product development

Kitchen Lab

How does the target group feel about your product? We can find out in our state-of-the-art kitchen lab. Here we carry out preparation tests with consumers for you or have your products tested by our experts. You can follow what happens with cameras – you can assume the role of an unseen observer on site, by video stream or video tape. We suggest recommended procedures on the basis of concluding documentation.

Our kitchen lab offers you a full range of kitchen technology equipment: Induction hobs, identical domestic ovens, microwaves, coffee machines, toasters, washing machines but also GV appliances like convection ovens, large fryers or stone ovens Tableware in all imaginable variations, cutlery and glasses for hundreds of people as well as kitchen accessories for extra-special preparations are available.

Services at a glance:

  • Kitchen Lab with technical, close to home and fully gastronomic facilities
  • Preparation tests with consumers
  • Expert tests
  • Video recording and analysis
  • Documentation, assessment and deduction of recommended procedures

Sensory training

Do you want to expand your sensory skills and acquire new competencies? With our sensory technology training we will pass on to you and your employees our expertise over 30 years in practical experience. We provide regular training at our arotop academy. On request, we can provide advanced training on site at your plant. With respect to group sizes we can flexibly adapt to your requirements. We will happily support you with our expertise in setting up your own panel, so from the start you can base your project on a secure foundation.

Group discussions

Understanding consumers is essential for your success. To enable you to gain the deepest possible insight into the psyche of your target group, we rely on a link between quantitative and qualitative data. For example, we offer you a combination of taste tests in individual cabins paired with focus groups in our group discussion rooms. You can use cameras to follow what is happening on site or by video stream. We suggest recommended procedures on the basis of concluding documentation.

Services at a glance:

  • Three different group discussion rooms for 25, 10 or 6 people
  • Interview possibilities in the sensor technology lab and in the Kitchen Lab
  • Video transmission and recording
  • Documentation, assessment and deduction of recommended procedures

We are happy to advise you about all possibilities – contact us.

Kristina Schlinger

Management market research, management product development

Sensor Technology & Market Research –
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Do you like food innovations and wish to co-decide what we will find on supermarket shelves tomorrow? Then you can become a product tester for arotop! For our consumer tests, we are always looking for interested consumers from the Rhine Main area to test products for us on site. Just click and apply – we look forward to hearing from you!


We introduced the arotop quality seal in 2012. Today consumers perceive it as a significant quality characteristic. Products that bear the arotop quality seal fulfil requirements over and above statutory standards. To ensure this we develop with your individual test criteria against which you can regularly measure yourself.

The arotop quality seal stands for:

  • Regular inspections by an independent, accredited testing institute
  • Expert assessments by registered food chemists and officially appointed and attested experts.
  • Declaration testing
  • Sensory tests in the accredited area
  • Microbiological and chemical analyses
  • Inspection of declared ingredients
  • Testing for the absence of contaminants and residues
  • Trail tests
The quality seal