• Analysis in accordance with 42 Federal Immissions Control Ordinance, Society of German Engineers 2047, Federal Environmental Agency recommendation

Since 19 August 2017 42 Federal Immissions Control Ordinance – Ordinance on Evaporation Coolers, Cooling Towers and Wet Type Collectors – has been in force. It obliges operators of the corresponding plants to regularly inspect their plants with respect to the emission of concentrations of legionella and germs which are harmful to health. The arotop laboratory provides support with its expertise to operators of evaporation coolers in hygienic and meticulous operation of your plants with accredited sample taking and analysis of the microbiological parameters stipulated in 42 Federal Immissions Control Ordinance and with advice. We will be happy to draw up for you an individual, non-binding offer which is exactly customised to your needs and requirements. Contact our experts to learn more.

Your direct contact person is Dr Nora Bolkenius