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arotop marketing research – the basis for successful products

arotop marketing research is one of few institutes in Germany with the capacity to unite know-how in the fields of market research and sensory analysis under a single roof and within the framework of a comprehensive methodological concept.

We apply four guiding principles in market research:

  • Test consumers are recruited in our own call centre in accordance with our quality standards and customer specifications.
  • Studio tests are conducted with modern technical facilities and equipment.
  • We rely exclusively on trained personnel with relevant know-how (no personnel from temporary employment agencies).
  • External influences are carefully controlled during the test phase.
Our experience has shown that these principles have a decisive impact on test quality. Reliability is the best “recipe” for valid market research results.

Our accredited sensory analysis department comprises three main areas of responsibility:
  • Planning, conduct and evaluation of sensory analyses by arotop expert panels in accordance with DIN/ISO
  • Recruitment and training of expert panels in sensory analysis – in-house and external
  • Seminars and training courses in sensory analysis – at client facilities or in our own seminar rooms

Our two accredited, state-of-the-art sensory laboratories play a key role in the institute’s success. Control of external influences is an essential factor that enables us to ensure that test conditions are consistently reproducible and the risk of errors is eliminated.

arotop marketing research has acquired special expertise in the field of food production and processing on the basis of nearly 20 years of experience in the preparation and conduct of taste tests. Specific food preparation requirements are fulfilled by our two kitchen studios. Those are equipped with professional institutional kitchen appliances, such as combi-steamers, as well as standard household kitchen equipment.

Sonja Werner
Dr. Sonja Werner
Director, arotop marketing research

Tel: 06131-58380-41